Malcolm Bushby


Quotes from some of my students...




"I have been going to Malcolm for fiddle lessons for just over a year. I started as a complete beginner and he has guided me carefully and thoughtfully through the learning process. He made it clear at the start, and he has raised it again a couple of times, that learning the fiddle is not a quick process. It is a journey of many small steps. The tunes he has taught me I can see have been picked to develop skills and push me forward.

Malcolm is very patient, understanding, non-demanding and encouraging. I am sure he remembers what he was like at the beginning and he puts you at ease when you get frustrated and feeling you are not doing so well. Looking back now, I am amazed at my progress and I am delighted with what I have achieved in just a year. I shall be continuing to go to Malcolm for the foreseeable future."

Andy Summers



"Malcolm has endless patience and a good sense of humour, so I always feel at ease and look forward to lessons. He is approachable and will tailor lessons to cover areas which I would like to work on, as well as address points which he has identified for improvement." Angela



"Malcolm's encouragement to develop the techniques needed to play the fiddle alongside learning to play tunes by ear is an holistic approach which has moved my playing and confidence forward tremendously over the last 18 months. His methods of tuition have meant I have made steady progress forward with a great sense of achievement." Hilary.